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Henan Aklly Filter Engineering Co., Ltd

Henan Aklly Filter Engineering Co., Ltd


Henan Aklly Filter Engineering Co., Ltd
About Us
Henan Aklly Filter Engineering Co Ltd is a high tech enterprise specializing in the production of protective masks Melt Blown Non Woven Fabrics Air Filters and Filter Materials The company is headquartered in the South Section Of Hongli Road Nanpu District Changyuan City Henan Province China It covers an area of more than 45 000 square meters and has total assets of 100 million yuan The company has introduced fully automated production lines testing equipment and production technology from the USA Germany Italy and Japan The Protective Masks have passed the European CE certification EN149 the United States EUA authorization South Korea KF94 certification and China GB2626 2006 standard and...

Categories and Products

FFP2 Particulate Respirator

Disposable FFP2 Particulate Respirator

5-Layer FFP2 Particulate Respirator

3D Foldable FFP2 Respirator

Earloop FFP2 Respirator

FFP2 Protective Half Mask

EN149 FFP2 Respirator

Products Keywords
FFP2 Mask5 Layers MaskSafe Type MaskHalf Face MaskFFP2 Face MaskMask for VirusFFP2 Half MaskDisposable MaskMelt Blown MaskNon Woven MasksMask Anti VirusMask Black FFP2KN95 Virus MaskFFP2 Safety FaceFFP2 Facial MaskSports FFP2 MaskProtective MasksFFP2 Safety MaskNon Medical MaskRespirator MasksDisoposable MaskEn149 FFP2 MasksMask Ffp2 En 1495-Layer FFP2 MaskFfp2 Gesicht MaskMedical Face MaskFFP2 3D Face Mask4 Layer Face MaskEarloop FFP2 MaskFace Mask 5 LayerMask for WholesaleSurgical Face MaskMask Without VolveNon Woven Face MaskAnti Dust Face MaskDisposable Mask OemWholesale FFP2 MaskFfp2 Ce CertificateFFP2 KN95 Face MaskFace Mask with LogoNon-Woven Face MaskKN95 Protective MaskFFP2 Mask with Volve5 Layers Fabric Mask3D Folding Face MaskProtective Mask FFP2Protection FFP2 MaskNon-Woven FFP2 MasksFashion Folded MasksFFP2 Safety 5 LayersAnti-Smog Face MasksDisposable Dust MasksFFP2 Civil Face MasksFFP2 Safety Nose MaskWhitelist Folded MaskSolid Color Face MaskFFP2 Mouth RespiratorFFP2 Respirator EN149Black FFP2 RespiratorVirus Protective MaskEN149 Respirator MaskEn149 FFP2 RespiratorEn149 Half Respirator4 Ply Disposable MaskDisposable Black Mask3D Foldable Face MaskNon-Medical Face MaskFace Mask Custom Logo5 Ply FFP2 RespiratorWashable Surgical MaskFolding Half Face MaskDisposable Folded MaskParticulate Respirator3D Foldable RespiratorFace Mask for childrenFFP2 Safety Adult Mask3D Fold Respirator MaskCOVID19 Protective MASKKN95 Mask Without VolveEarloop FFP2 RespiratorCotton Fabric Face Mask5 Layers FFP2 Face MaskNon Woven PPE Face Mask5 Ply Earloop Face MaskFFP2 Filtering Half MaskFFP2 Mask for ProtectionFFP2 Anti Dust Face MaskMask Inner Support FrameCivilian FFP2 Respirator4 Layer Protective MasksFiltering Half Mask FFP2Disposable Masks FactoryEarloop EN149 RespiratorFold Dust FFP2 Face MaskDisposable Ffp2 Face MaskBreathing Valve Face MaskHalf Face Mask Respirator5ply Dust Mask RespiratorAnti- Fog Disposable MaskBlack Reusable Face MasksFFP2 Protective KN95 MaskFFP2 Disposable Half Mask5 Layers Filter FFP2 MaskFFP2 Protective Half MaskBlack Mask for ProtectionFiltering 5 Ply Half MaskFFP2 Disposable Face MaskVentilation Surgical MaskSurgical Ventilation MaskFFP2 N95 Respirator En1495ply Protective Mask FFP2Disposbale Mask for VirusDisposable Respirator FFP2FFP2 Protective RespiratorAnti Dust Pm2.5 RespiratorEn149 Half Respirator MaskDisposable FFP2 RespiratorAnti Dust Mouth RespiratorFFP2 Respirator 3D FoldingFFP2 Protective Face MasksVirus Protection FFP2 MaskFFP2 Dust Mask RespiratorsFoldable 3D Dust Face MaskEn149 Half Face RespiratorDisposable Dust RespiratorDaily Protection Dust MaskEn149 FFP2 KN95 Respirator3D Folding Protective MaskDisposable Protective MaskFFP2 Disposable RespiratorProtective Disposable MaskFFP2 Face Mask Respirators3D Foldable Ffp2 RespiratorHalf Particulate RespiratorFFP2 Earloop Half Face MaskRespirators FFP2 DisposableFFP2 Particulate RespiratorParticulate Respirator FFP2Filter Disposable FFP2 MaskDisposable FFP2 Safety MaskMelt Blown Filter Face Mask5Ply Earloop Half Face MaskFolding Half Mask FFP2 MaskDisposable Dust Filter MasksEarloop Disposable FFP2 MaskEarloop FFP2 Mask DisposableDisposable Particulate PriceCycling Particle RespiratorsHot Selling Protective MasksDustproof KN95 Mask for Sale5-Layer Disposable Face Mask5ply Respirator with Earloop5 Ply Earloop Face Mask FFP25 Layer Disposable Face Mask5 Layers Filtering Half MaskCivil Particulate RespiratorEn149 Particulate RespiratorNon Woven Dust PPF2 Face MaskEarloop Protective Respirator5ply Nonwoven FFP2 RespiratorEarloop En149 FFP2 RespiratorDisposable Nonwoven Face MaskEn149 FFP2 Respirator with CeFFP2 Half Face Mask for CivilFFP2 Respirator Without ValveFace Mask with CE CertificateNonwoven Disposable FFP2 MasksFFP2 Respirator EN149 Ear LoopEarloop Disposable Respirators5 Layer Particulate RespiratorHalf Face Mask with RespiratorFFP2 Filtering Half RespiratorParticulate Respirator with CEDisposable FFP2 Half Face MaskFFP2 Disposable 5ply Dust MaskBreathable Disposable Face MaskFFP2 Anti Dust Mouth RespiratorFFP2 Protective Disposable MaskDisposable Non-Woven RespiratorEn 149 FFP2 Filtering Half MaskParticulate Filtering Half MaskFFP2 Disposable 5ply Respirator3D Folding Protective Face MaskEn149 FFP2 Kn95 Dust RespiratorDisposable Protective Face MaskFolding Particulate RespiratorsDisposable FFP2 Safety 5 LayersFolded Shape Earloop RespiratorFFP2 KN95 Folding Half Face MaskDisposable FFP2 Protective MasksDisposable Protective FFP2 MasksEn149 Disposable FFP2 RespiratorFactory Price Foldable Face MaskNon-Woven Folding Half Face MaskParticulate Filtering Respirator3D Folding Protective RespiratorDisposable Respirator En149 FFP2Disposable Particulate Face MaskFFP2 Civilian Masks with Earloop3D Folded Particulate RespiratorFoldable FFP2 Earloop RespiratorAnti Dust Pm2.5 Mouth RespiratorDisposable Mouth Respirator FFP2FFP2 Mask Particulate Respirator5 Layers Particulate RespiratorsDisposable 5 Ply FFP2 RespiratorDust Proof Particulate RespiratorDisposable Particulate RespiratorFFP2 Masks Particulate RespiratorFace Mask Respirator with EarloopParticulate Respirator ProtectiveAnti PM2.5 Particulate RespiratorHealthcare Particulate RespiratorProtective Respirator Safety FFP2FFP2 5 Ply 3D Foldable RespiratorAdult FFP2 Particulate RespiratorDisposable Earloop FFP2 Face MaskEn149 FFP2 Particulate RespiratorParticulate Respirator FFP2 En149Disposable Folding Half Face MaskFFP2 Folding Half Clear Face Mask5 Layers FFP2 Filtering Half MaskEarloop Face Mask FFP2 RespiratorFFP2 Nonwoven KN95 Half Face MaskEarloop Protective Respirator FFP2Dust Filter Particulate RespiratorFFP2 Protective Earloop RespiratorNonwoven Dust Protective Face MaskFFP2 5 Layer Protective Face MasksDisposable Earloop FFP2 RespiratorParticle Filtering FFP2 RespiratorCE Certified 5 Ply FFP2 RespiratorNonwoven Protective Half Face MaskFFP2 Standard Protective Half MaskDisposable FFP2 Earloop RespiratorDisposable FFP2 NR White Face MaskFFP2 NR Black Disposable Face MaskDisposable 3D Fold Respirator MaskBreathable Particulate RespiratorsFFP2 Particulate Filter RespiratorPersonal Protection FFP2 Dust Mask4 Layer Protective Disposable Mask5-Layer Protective FFP2 RespiratorEarloop FFP2 Respirator Anti Virus5 Layer Protective Civil Face MasksAnti Dust Half Face Mask RespiratorAdults Mask Respirator with EarloopFFP2 Protective 5Ply Half Face MaskFFP2 Disposable Filtering Half MaskFilter FFP2 Respirator with EarloopDisposable FFP2 Filtering Half Mask5ply Nonwoven En149 FFP2 RespiratorFFP2 Kn95 Dust Protective Face Mask5 Layer FFP2 Particulate RespiratorPersonal Protective FFP2 RespiratorFold Flat Dust Mask Face RespiratorFFP2 Filtering Half Protective Mask5 Layers Filter Disposable Ffp2 MaskDisposable Protective Face Half MaskFFP2 Disposable Fold Respirator MaskParticulate Without Valve RespiratorFFP2 Disposable Dust Mask RespiratorNonwoven Folding Half Dust Face MaskFFP2 Mask En149 Half Face RespiratorFFP2 Non Woven Disposable RespiratorFFP2 Disposable Protective Face MaskDisposable Protective Dust Mask Face5 Ply Disposable Protective Face MaskNon Woven FFP2 Particulate RespiratorNon-Medical Protective FFP2 Face MaskKN95 Non-Medical Protective FFP2 MaskDisposable Dust FFP2 Safety Nose MaskDisposable FFP2 Paticulate RespiratorAnti-Dust FFP2 Particulate RespiratorEn149-2001 FFP2 Protective RespiratorEn149 Disposable Non-Woven RespiratorFFP2 Disposable Folding Half Face MaskFFP2 Protective Particulate RespiratorFFP2 Disposable Particulate Respirator5ply Dust Mask Respirator with EarloopDisposable FFP2 Earloop Half Face MaskDisposable FFP2 Particulate RespiratorDisposable KN95 Folding Half Face MaskDisposable Earloop FFP2 KN95 RespiratorDisposable Anti Dust Earloop RespiratorDisposable Particulate Respirator 5 PlyFFP2 Nonwoven Protective Half Face MaskFFP2 Particulate Respirator Safety FaceParticulate Respirators Disposable FFP2Non-Medical Paticle Filtering Half MaskSafety 5 Layers Particulate RespiratorsFFP2 Disposable Respirator with EarloopFFP2 Respirators for Personal Protection5 Layers Folding Particulate Respirators5-Layer Disposable Particulate Face MaskAntiviral Meltblown Disposable Face Mask3D Folding 5 Layer Disposable RespiratorDisposable 5 Layer FFP2 Protective MasksCE FFP2 Disposable Particulate Respirator5-Layer Disposable Particulate Respirator5 Layer Protective Particulate RespiratorFFP2 Disposable 5ply Dust Mask RespiratorNon Woven Disposable Protective Face MaskDisposable Protective FFP2 Half Face MaskDisposable FFP2 Half Face Mask RespiratorNonwoven 5 Layers Particulate Respirators94% Filtration FFP2 Particulate RespiratorAnti-pollution FFP2 Particulate RespiratorFFP2 Grade 3D Folded Particulate RespiratorDisposable Particulate Face Mask RespiratorFFP2 Dust Protective Particulate RespiratorDisposable Anti Dust Earloop FFP2 RespiratorComfortable Disposable Mouth Respirator FFP2Wholesale Breathable Particulate RespiratorsDisposable Protective Particulate Respirator3D Dust Filtration Disposable Respirator FFP25 Layers Disposable FFP2 Particulate RespiratorDisposable Protective FFP2 Particulate Respirator
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